Acer has launched the new DX241H monitor that beside rather ordinary specifications with 24″ TN panel and 1920×1080 pixel resolution has a rather unique function. The monitor namely enables users to browse the Internet without a computer and ships with a mini-remote and integrated keyboard.

Acer DX241H comes with Google’s browser Chrome integrated. Through with an Ethernet port on the back users can connect to the Internet and the only thing required is an Internet connection. Those who hate cables can use a WiFi adapter that connects to one of the two USB 2.0 ports.

What kind of hardware that hides behind the panel of Acer’s “Web Surf Station”, a more consumerfriendly name than DX241H, isn’t entirely certain but we also find integrated speakers and D-Sub and HDMI inputs. Other functions worth mentioning include memory card reader, DLNA support and the ability to share media betwen users through technology.


Acer DX241H also has regular monitor specifications to offer where it shows off a 80,000:1 contrast ratio and 2ms response time.

Source: TCM

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