AMD has teamed up with Valve in an attempt to give its users the best possible gaming experience at all times. The graphics card maker will start rolling out its Catalyst drivers through the game service Steam, directly to AMD Radeon-users. Steam will recognize and recommend the new driver when available.

AMD and Valve has posted a joint press release where they made it clear that 87% of all Steam users with a DirectX 11 graphics card runs AMD Radeon. By informing its users and customers about the best possible driver, and contributing a direct download through the portal it hopes to keep the users computers in top shape.

Forgetting to update your drivers is something most do at least once and this is a very good solution in our opinion. Graphics card drivers doesn’t just correct bugs and improve performance,but also add new features and functions.

At the same time it puts more pressure on AMD and its driver development where it can’t afford to release faulty drivers, as it would result in a lot more users installing broken drivers.

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