AMD has created a favorable position on the retail market for graphics cards and is now ready to put pressure on the professional market with a new Evergreen-based FireStream series, to fight Fermi Tesla.


AMD FireStream 9370 is the name of the top model sporting 4GB GDDR5 memory, supporting DirectX 11, OpenCL, Direct Compute and offering 528 gigaflops double precision performance and 2.64 teraflops at single precision. The graphics card ships in a dual-slot design and consumes at most 225 watt.

Little brother AMD FireStream 9350 ships in a single-slot design and settles for 2GB GDDR5 memory, and slightly slower performance; 400 gigaflops at double precision and 2.0 teraflops at single-precision. Power consumption has been set to maximal 150 watt.

Both graphics cards will become available ine Q3 2010, but the prices were not revealed.

With up to 2.64 TFLOPS of compute power, the new AMD FireStream accelerators are ideal for HPC, cloud and enterprise-scale deployments that require advanced performance for handling today’s highly parallel, compute-intensive workloads. Several AMD technology partners and OEMs plan to offer rack mounted servers and expansion systems featuring AMD FireStream 9350 and 9370 accelerators, including One Stop Systems and Supermicro.

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