AMD earlier announce that graphics guru Raja Koduri will return to the company and lead the development of its coming graphics processors. In an interview with Nordichardware Koduri told us that AMD should be the most proud of the development of integrated solutions.

When AMD acquired ATI, Raja Koduri worked at the graphics card maker and decided to stay at the company when the two technology giants merged. To join AMD and ATI into one company was a common vision that was not easy to execute and the project of transforming the vision into actual products took longer than they had hoped, but with its venture for Fusion and baking CPU cores and GPU on the same silicon Koduri says AMD has been leading the industry in terms of integrated graphics. This is hard to argue with at least when you look at the performance of these chips.

If we focus on the performance of integrated graphics circuits it is obvious there are limitations, but Koduri paints an interesting picture of the performance of integrated graphics over the last few years.

– When we eventually got it out [Fusion] we also helped move the rest of the industry forward. The graphics performance at entry level in the integrated space has moved forward by leaps and bounds. It doesn’t suck any more, Raja Koduri told Nordichardware.

Big GPU focus on the processor market

AMD dedicates on average 40 percent of the APU for graphics and has since the introduction of the Fusion architecture with Llano been leading the x86 market in terms of integrated graphics performance.

Biggest competitor Intel has also taken big steps forward with its graphics solutions, but is still far behind AMD, which in turn has been beat in CPU performance over the last generations of processors.

With Intel Haswell around the corner and AMD’s Kaveri APU due later this year we have two architectures that is expected to take integrated graphics to whole new levels. Among other they will bring new technologies for maximizing the memory bandwidth for CPU and GPU, which has been a bottle neck with previous generations.

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