As the launch of Radeon HD 6800 comes nearer more and more information are leaking onto forums and websites worldwide. Once again a major leak was found at ChipHell where it has published pictures said to be coming from a roadmap covering Barts and Cayman.

AMD Barts is the GPU that will be found in Radeon HD 6800, while Cayman will be the heart of the top models in the Radeon HD 6900 series. Radeon HD 6000 family was developed on the Northern Islands code name.

The pictures that has now been published are claimed to be from August and the amount of information, some details exposed, were not available at that time. You should therefore be careful when relying too much on this, not the least since our sources have informed us that many things have changed since then.

Still, the slides provide some interesting reading on Northern Islands, not the least the DisplayPort 1.2 support that we’ve already divulged, and makes it possible to power no less than six separate monitors through only two video outputs. Beside two mini-DisplayPort outputs there is also dual DVI-I and a single HDMI 1.4 output.


Stereoscopic 3D is a new features AMD is focusing hard on with Northern Islands and this can be njoyed either through HDMI 1.4 or the new DisplayPort 1.2 outputs. For maximal performance when playing e.g. Blu-ray 3D and other video formats the graphics cards have been blessed with a new video engine called UVD 3.0.


Considering performance AMD is aiming high, once again. The roadmap speaks of market leading peerformance in each segment, which becomes qute clear when compared to NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 400 series.


Last but not least it has bed in some detailed information on the graphics crcuits Barts and Cayman. There they mention power consumption, graphics memory and circuit boards These are the most doutful “facts”. If the roadmap is genuine and dates back to August 2010 our sources tells us that much has changed since then, not the least Cayman that doesn’t debut until a month from now.

But within a week we should see the likes of Barts and Radeon HD 6800.




Source: ChipHell

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