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DirectX 11 will kick off for real on October 22nd when Microsoft launches Windows 7 along with its new graphics API. At the same time there will be a DirectX 11 update for Windows Vista, and AMD is expected to announce the first DirectX 11 graphics cards; Radeon HD 5000 series. The next step for DirectX 11 is the mobile market and AMD looks to be first there too with three new mobile chips next year.

The top model is code-named Broadway and will be the first mobile graphics circuit with support for DirectX 11, and will consume between 30-60W.

The performance segment is covered by Madison that moves in the space between 15-30W, while the mid-range chip Park covers the assortment beneath with power consumption in the 8-15W range.

All three chips are based on AMD’s DirectX 11 architecture, but how much that have been removed from the desktop chips is unclear. Details surrounding performance and launch dates remain clouded.

Mobility Radeon 4860 was the first 40nm GPU 

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