AMD Deccan is the platform that is intended to replace the one year old Brazos. The platform houses a single circuit “Wichita” that will sport four cores, GPU, northbridge and southbridge in one. There is now talk that AMD will be selling Brazos up until Q4 2012, and that Deccan may be delayed.

AMD launched the Brazos platform at the end of 2010, and was its answer to small, cheap notebooks and desktops in low profile. The circuits that were released are known as Ontario and Zacate at 9W and 18W TDP, built on 40nm at TSMC, and with two Bobcat cores and 80 Radeon cores on the same silicon. The southbridge was Hudson-M that was based on the SB750 chip and has 4W TDP.

The replacement is called Deccan and sports processor, graphics, northbridge and southbridge in the same package to lower energy consumption and cost. The circuits is called Wichita and will bring four “improved” Bobcat cores, a new GPU, northbridge and whole new southbridge. The latter is on the same piece of silicon and is called “Yuba”. It brings SATA 6.0 Gb/s and USB 3.0 to the table. TDP will be 8 – 20W depending on design, and previously statements have hinted of a 3W model for tabelts.

Exactly when Deccan might launch is uncertain, but AMD says 2012 without specifying any further. According to sources to XbitLabs AMD intends to sell its Brazos platform up until the end of next year (Q4 2012), which raise some concern as to when Deccan might arrive.

Deccan was first intended to launch one year behind Brazos, but since Wichita will be built on 28nm, it is uncertain when mass production can start. Especially with the rumors of capacity problems at TSMC that are expected to manufacture for AMD once again.

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