Antec High Current Pro will be one of the new power supply series coming in the next months and we have both specifications and pictures of the creation. High Current Pro is geared toward demanding users and will provide 90% efficiency and thus 80 Plus Gold certified. When we got to look closer at Antec’s new High Current Pro power supply earlier this month Antec informed us that the development took a whole year.

Antec High Current Pro use a dual-layer design. This means the size can be substantially reduced, even though the top model can output 1,200 watt. The top model has a simple 80mm fan for cooling, which Antec says will be more than enough to cool the highly efficient power supply.


They haven’t held back with the components and fitted four large capacitors in parallel, each with 400-450V capacity. This will provide better tolerance against ripple current.


Antec says that the oblong transformer design is most likely one of the most efficient solutions on the market by attaching MOSFETs on to the actual transformer, which will also improve heat handling.


Antec High Current Pro will be the only series that filters both in and out going voltages with solid state capacitors. Each rail has over and under voltage protection.

Antec High Current Pro sports eight 12V rails with 40A capacity each, which makes it possible to pull 1,200 watt through the 12V rails alone, if so desired.

Antec was eager to discuss the response time of  High Current Pro. Simply how fast the power supply reacts to changes in the voltage. Using full bridge phase shift topology design the power supply reacts in 50ms, which is claimed to be much lower than most competing products and further improves efficiency.

Antec will deliver High Current Pro series at four different outputs, 750 W, 850 W, 1,000 W and the aforementioned 1,200 W. The three minors will sport a 135mm fan, but the same 80 Plus Gold certification and gold-plated modular cables.

Prices will be in the upper region of the market, but we will know more about this after Computex. The power supplies are expected to arrive by the end of June.



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