Arctic is launching two new performance coolers for processors that should appear in stores in January. Arctic Freezer i30 and A30 target Intel’s and AMD’s respective platforms and with 900 grams of cooling they should be very capable.

Arctic aims the new coolers for the budget users, and even if haven’t seen any official prices the company says that the coolers should cost around 40€. Arctic Freezer i30 targets Intel LGA2011, LGA1155 and LGA1156 platform, while Freezer A30 instead supports AMD AM3+, AM3, AM2+ and AM2.


The coolers are nearly identical and weighs 905 gram in a classic tower design with a 120mm PWM fan. Four powerful 8mm copper heatpipes and 48 thin alumunum fins. Arctic is sticking to its usual habits with humane levels of noise and high capacity coolers capable of handling up to 320 watt. The noise is rated 0.3 Sone, which can be compared to the stock coolers from Intel and AMD at 1.0 and 0.8 Sone respectively, at maximal fan speeds.

spec_sheet_freezer_A30_111121_r1The temperature should be halved compared to stock coolers and the mounting makes it possible to place the cooler in four directions, depending on the overall flow of the case. Arctic is expected to roll out the new coolers to stores in the middle of January 2012.


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