Our annual championship has reached halftime and in this article we bring you a summarize of the earlier competitions and of course the current standings in this year’s championship.

Since 2001 we here at NordicHardware have arranged the Swedish Performance Championship. The thought behind the competition was to get Sweden, as a nation of overclockers and enthusiasts, moving and at the same time get others interesting exploring their computer and find out about its true potential, but also to lure experienced users into trying some more unconventional cooling. Overclocking had been around both locally and worldwide for a long time, but considering the the progress some of our nation’s overclockers have done lately we feel that this may very well be one of the best competitions we’ve had.

In this article we post today we will bring you up to date with what has happened so far in the competition, but also present some of the previous year’s winners and what they had to do to become crowned Champion in one of the two categories Percentual Overclocking and 3DMark.

If we look back at the previous competitions it seems that the fast development has mainly affected our 3DMark category, for obvious reasons. In the Percentual overclocking category it seems that AMD’s Duron 600-650 and Intel’s early Celerons are the processors most overclocker try to find to push as far as possible. With some exceptions though, which you will see if you read on.

Swedish Champions 2002

Percentual Overclocking
3DMark 2001
Markus ”QazTaz” Ålind

Jimmie ”Knutas” Stinger
Score: 153,5% Score: 20107 points
Processor cooling: Liquid nitrogen , LN2
Processor: AMD Duron 600 MHz @ 1521 MHz
Stepping: D600AUT1B AKBA 0032FPDW
Processor bus: 138 MHz
AGP frequency: 92 MHz
CPU voltage: 2,76 v
Power consumption: ~ 200 W
Motherboard: ABIT KT7A rev 1.3
Power supply : 431 W Enermax, 2 x 300 W server PSUs
Video card : ATI Rage Pro
Other information: Two parallel PSUs was used. At 2.76V 1521MHz was reached. At 3.0V the processor died.
Processor cooling:
Asetek Vapochill PE
AMD Athlon XP 2400+ @ 2560 MHz
Processor bus:
204 MHz
2 x 256 MB Corsair XMS3500C2
Video card cooling:
Swiftech MCW50-T (vatten/peltier)
Video card :
ATI 9700 Pro
GPU frequency:
440 MHz
Memory freqency :
365 MHz (730 MHz DDR)
Power supply :
Superflower 520W

Swedish Champions 2003

Percentual Overclocking
3DMark 2001

Christoffer ”Krook” Krook

Jimmie ”Knutas” Stinger
Score: 123,6% Score: 29 825 points
Processor cooling: Liquid nitrogen, LN2
Processor: AMD Duron 650 MHz @ 1453.8 MHz
Stepping: D650AUT1B AKCA 0042MPMW
Processor bus: 145.38 MHz
AGP frequency: – MHz
CPU voltage: 2,64 v
Power consumption : ~ 180 W
Motherboard: ABIT AX7 KT333
Power supply : Antec TruePower 550W
Video card : Matrox G100 (AGP)
Other information:

QazTaz’ (last year’s champion) CPU block
Processor cooling: nVentive Mach 1 Prometeia (Compressor, R404)
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ @ 2760 MHz
Processor bus: 276 MHz
Motherboard: Shuttle AN50R
RAM: 2 x 256 MB HyperX 3200 276 MHz 1:1 3.69V
Video card cooling : nVentive Mach 1 Prometeia (Compressor, R507)
Video card: PowerColor 9800XT voltmod for vcore and vmem
GPU frequency: 631 MHz
Memory frequency : 472 MHz (944 MHz DDR)
Power supply : Sunflower 520W
Other information: Compressor coolers modified by Zejtan. Memory timings were 2-2-2-11.

Swedish Champions 2004

Percentual Overclocking
3DMark 2001

Robert ”Crotale” Kihlberg

Peter ”incido” Nilsson
Score: 168,2% Score: 40 618 points
Processor cooling: Kolsyreis
Processor: Intel Celeron M 1400 MHz @ 3754 MHz
Stepping: Okänd
Processor bus: 268.2 MHz
AGP frequency: – MHz
CPU voltage: 1,95 v
Power consumption: ~ 180 W
Motherboard: ASUS P4P800
Power supply : Antec TruePower 430W
Video card : ATI Radeon 9200
Processor cooling: Dry ice
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 FX-55 @ 3240MHz
Processor bus: 270 MHz
Motherboard: MSI K8N NEO2 54G
RAM: 2 x 256MB Mushkin Black lvl 2 (BH5) 276 MHz 1:1
Video card cooling: Kolsyreis
Video card : Club3D X800Pro (16 pipes)
GPU frequency: 720MHz
Memory clock : 670MHz (1340MHz DDR)
Power supply : Aspire 520W
Other information: The cooling was dry ice with both cpu and graphics, and I had a small 40mm fan for the memories.

We know that all except Markus ”QazTaz” Ålind will be participating in this year’s championship as well, mainly in our new category then, excepf for Robert ”Crotale” Kihlberg who will try to defend his title in the Percentual overlocking category and Christoffer ”Krook” Krook, who will try to reclaim the title he lost last year to Robert.

This year we have introduced a new category which will be introduced a bit later, which means that there is no results from it so far. But to give you the grasp of it you can use any computer with a total cost less than 7000SEK, not including case and power supply. You then have to run three tests; SuperPi, Percentual overlocking and 3DMark 05. You then get a score from your position in each category and you then add these up to get a final score.

The other two categories are under way though, and even though we usually have to wait until the last week to see the favorites publish their results we have already received some really impressive submissions. Marcus "Kinc" Hultin has submitted a score with this world record system just a few points shy of his current WR.

Below you can find the current top 5 standings.

Kinc is secure in his number oen position will the three below is separated by only 78 points. We will have to wait until its all over to see what the final standings will be, because with so little separating them anything can happen.


1  Marcus Hultin, (Kinc)
2  Mattias Bengtsson, (Tuon)
3  Hans Westman , (gubben@Tech)
4  Peter Nilsson, (incido)
5  Dennis Johansson, (iQ)

In the Percentual overclocking category we received our first two scores over 100% this week, and as thefirst result was 5406MHz with a Celeron 325, and the second was 175% with it is even more impressive. The first is just 100MHz shy of the world record in fact, while the second is a new WR. As you can see from the screenshots Duron 600 is still a very popular choice among the overclockers, but we also see a Pentium 4 in there

Crotale has improved his score to 197%, which we earlier reported about, and the second place is now held by Andreas "himura" Johansson at 160%, who uses a similar processor. Fredrik "Fräd" Kindström at 113% has to look out for Glenn (k6-2) Alenäs at 111%. We know his Duron can do better.


Percentual overclocking
1  Robert Kihlberg, (Crotale)
2  Andreas Johansson, (himura)
3  Fredrik Kindström, (Fräd)
4  Glenn Alenäs, (k6-2)
5  Anders Olsson, (GroundX)

Kinc will most likely win the 3DMark category, but as we don’t know exactly what some people out there have access to, even though we only know of a few number of people in the entire world that would actually be ablet to beat him, so he should be able to feel quite secure even though he should perhaps not relax too much.

In the Percentual overclocking category everything can happen. We’ve heard goals ranging up to 175%, except from the submission from Crotale,and if we look at the earlier winners it may very well be possible, and who knows, someone out there may very well have found a processor that will become the new favorite among the overclockers for our category.

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