Sometimes companies decides to relaunch a product with a tiny tweak to appeal a specific audience. ASUS will light up Valentine’s Day with its UX31, which has been given a new color scheme to match the ladies, or those who wants to come in contact with their feminime side?

ASUS ZENBOOK UX series has been overall well received, above all it is the clean and stylish design that appeals to consumers. We have found few drawbacks and during our CES trip we had the UX31 with us as a travel companion. ASUS UX31 sports an Intel Core i5-2557M processor at 1.7/2.7 GHz, 4 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD with SandForce SF-2281. It measures 3 – 18mm in profile, and with its 50 Wh deliver up to 7 hours of battery time when just browsing the web.

The new UX31 has the exact same components and equipment, but a new color scheme. The “new” computer is pink, or as ASUS calls it; Rose Gold. The top aside, the keyboard has also been given a makeover. instead of a brown slip case, it comes with a white one for better matching.


ASUS ZENBOOK UX31 Rose Gold will be availble at major retailers on February 1st at the same price as the original. Not sure a notebook is the best Valentine’s Day present though, or?

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