Custom graphics card solutions are pretty run of the mill at ASUS and now it seems like there is a model sporting two GeForce GTX 480 GPUs coming. With both Mars (dual GTX 285) and Ares (dual HD 5870) we look forward to the next creation.

ASUS has chosen to build its dual-GPU graphics cards on the fully-fledged GF100 GPU, the same model found on GeForce GTX 480, the fastest GPU around.

Each GPU has 480 CUDA cores and ships with 1536 MB memory per GPU, for a total of 3072 MB. Each GPU has 384-bit memory interfance and connects with a NF200 bridge chip and internal SLI configuration.


Like ASUS Ares the graphics is not only long but also high, with room for four power phases; six MOSFETs per phase. The card has three (!) 8-pin PCIe power connectors, which is certainly proof it will consume power like no other card known to man.

The graphics card has a SLI bridge for those who feel the urge to connect the card in Quad SLII, but we’re certain this will cost well over $2,000 for just the graphics card, and then you need the rest of the hardware needed to make it run.

ASUS hasn’t shared any real details on the coming monster card, but considering how long it took to get Ares out to stores, we’re not hoping for a launch any day soon. It has to find a solution for cooling two GF100 GPUs with the same cooler, which is anything but easy.


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