LucidLogix has released a statement revealing that the world’s largest motherboard manufacturer will support the graphics switching technology Lucid Virtu on several of its new Z68 motherboards. Intel’s new chipset will launch on May 11th and amon the features we see overclocking, integrated GPU support and the SSD technology Intel Smart Response.

That ASUS, like competitor MSI, would support Lucid Virtu hardly comes as a surprise, but now representatives from both companies have decided to confirm the cooperation between Lucid and ASUS. 

ASUS will ship several Intel Z68 models with support for Lucid Virtu, a technology allows the system to switch between the integrated graphics circuit and a discrete PCIe graphics card from either AMD or NVIDIA. On top of that you can use Intel’s Quick Sync technology while playing 3D games on the discrete graphics card.

Lucid Virtu is said to cost $5-10 per motherboard in licensing costs and therefore it comes as no surprise that the budget models won’t have access to the switching technology. It is clear though that ASUS will use Lucid Virtu as a sales argument.

““ASUS again raises the bar with Z68 motherboards. Empowered by exclusive DIGI+ VRM digital power design, the graphical interface-­‐based UEFI BIOS and Lucid Virtu capabilities, ASUS P8Z68 Series motherboards give our customers faster multimedia transcoding while also providing universal graphics support that takes advantage of every brand’s benefits and features. ASUS P8Z68 owners can make the most of a wide range of technologies without having to compromise or sacrifice functionality,” said Chewei Lin, head of ASUS Motherboard Business Unit.

ASUS will launch the new Intel Z68 armada on May 11th, and then we will know exactly which models will support the new technology.

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