Case maker BitFenix has a new model coming and its Shinobi case has made its first official appearance. German case distributor has taken Shinobi before the camera and gives a thorough walkthrough of the miditower.

BitFenix Shenobi comes with a relatively clean and stylish design where each detail looks to follow the overall flow of the design. It has used its so called SofTouch technology to give the case a scratch resistent surface.

Shinobi ships with two 120mm fans from factory, but has room for up to three more. All fans comes with dust filters and on the back we find holes for water tubing. The case also has an I/O panel on the top with four USB 2.0 ports and two audio connectors. Three external 5.25″ slots and eight internal 3.5″ slots are available for expansion units.

BitFenix Shinobi is currently going into mass production, exactly when it will be ready for the market and what it will cost was not revealed.

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