Small preview imageBlu-ray and HD DVD seems to stroll down different paths from now on and the plans for a united “blue laser-format” has been totally flushed.  A couple of months ago they announced that they were having meetings on teaming up to avoid a possible battle for the consumers but it seems this is exactly what will happend as both parties tries to market its format. The first discussions seemed to go very well but it was soon revealed they were getting nowhere. Both Sony and Toshiba are convinced their format is the superior one and can’t agree on what technology to use.

After Sony’s launch of PlayStation 3 with Blu-ray support and other similar events we’ve pretty much stated that the battle has begun and is raging as you’re reading this. Now it seems, according to Gamespot, this is exactly what’s going on. Both Sony and Toshiba’s VPs are saying that they are far from reaching an agreement and as for now we should expect the worse, two formats.

“In a recent interview with Mainichi Interactive, Sony Blu-ray management director Kiyoshi Nishitani was not optimistic. “There’s too much difference between our beliefs,” he said. “The Blu-ray can record 50GB, but the HD-DVD can only record 30GB. Without 50GB of capacity, we can’t answer the demands of long hours of high-definition video recording and high-quality extras. The HD-DVD camp is saying that we don’t need that much capacity, but it will be required in the future.”

Unfortunately this kind of  competition is a huge disadvantage for the consumers as we now have to buy equipment for two formats to begin with.

Source: Gamespot

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