Cooling developer DangerDen has presented one of its latest solutions specifically designed for NVIDIA’s flagship GeForce GTX 580. DangerDen has of course built a water block water block and its GTX 580 cooler not only covers the GPU but also memory circuits and voltage regulators.

DangerDen DD-GTX580 supports NVIDIA’s reference design of GeForce GTX 580 – which means all cards available today – and is made from pure copper for best performance. The base is also copper-colored while the black-chromed top will give the cooler a more aggressive look and really attract your fingerprints.


DangerDen’s water block ships with several nozzles and uses a low resistance design to keep up the water pressure. The block weighs 1.45 kg and will keep the temperatures considerably lower than the reference cooler.

Just like NVIDIA’s graphics card this is a premium product and the price tag reads just under $150. Those who can do without the chrome there is a regular version for $15 less.


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