It didn’t take long after Analyst Day, AMD’s announcement of new directions for media, analysts and partners, before a detailed roadmap appeared. The coming six months AMD will renew its entire lineup of processors.

During the secon quarter it will roll out the first APUs (processor with integrated graphics) code-name Trinity, to replace Llano. Trinity will appear in four models A10-5800/5700 and A8-5600/5500, where all sports four Piledriver cores. The difference is the graphics where A10-5800/5700 sports HD 7660D, while A8-5600/5500 has to settle for HD 7560D. Most likely one cluster has been deactivate, and lower clock frequencies with the latter.

Brazos gets a replacement in Brazos 2.0. The differences are marginal, mainly higher clock frequencies, higher Turbo Mode, and a new and more efficient southbridge with USB 3.0.

During Q3 Trinity moels A6-5400 and A4-5300 will come along. We assume A6-5400 is a quad-core with HD 7540D graphics much like the A8 series, but lower clock ffrequencies. A4-5300 on the other hand will only have two cores and less Radeon cores with the HD 7480D circuit. There won’t be any E2 segment for Trinity, but this will be covere by Brazos 2.0 in the future.


We also find Vishera in this time frame. The circuit that is intended to replace Bulldozer in the FX series. Also Vishera will sport updated Piledriver cores, and AMD is planning to release three processors at launch: FX-4320, FX-6300 and FX-8350 with four, six and eight cores. Improvements will come in the form of lower energy consumption, higher clock frequencies and better performance at the same clock. AMD has a lot to recover from since FX-8150 was anything but a success, and right now Vishera can be just about anything.

An exciting Q2 2012

It looks like we have a lot to look forward to in Q2. Besides Trinity and Brazos 2.0, we have Intel’s first processor architecture at 22nm, Ivy Bridge on April 8th, and most likely NVIDIA will present its graphics circuits at 28nm, Kepler. We will be covering all launches, both desktop and mobile.

Source: Donanimhaber

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