NVIDIA may have done a good job with the cooler of the flagship GeForce GTX 590, but with 365 watt of heat coming out more cooling is never a bad idea, especially of you want to overclock. Fittingly cooling makers EK and DangerDen have presented two new water blocks, designed for NVIDIA’s dual-GPU GeForce GTX 590.

EK that recently presented a water block for Radeon HD 6990 and have continued down the same path with nickel coated copper. EK-FC590 GTX comes with a transparent acrylic top (124.96 USD) or black acetal top (129.95 USD), both with G1/4″ nozzles. 

The water block is full cover and use a relatively angular design with contact surfaces for memory circuits, voltage regulators and of course the two GF110 GPUs.




DangerDen in turn uses more of a banana shape when it introduces its DD-GTX590 water block Just like EK, DangerDen has based the layout on NVIDIA’s reference design and uses a copper base with black acrylic top. DangerDen DD-GTX590 cover the majority of the components of NVIDIA’s new graphics cards and the weight is said to be 1.4kg. 

DangerDen ships DD-GTX590 with a variety of nozzles and the price is 119.95 USD.



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