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Displays using so called touch technology that enables users to navigate by touching the display is becoming all the more common, especially with mobile phones. According to touch screen manufacturer Young Fast Optoelectronics VP TJ Lin we can expect up to 20% of all mobile phones in 2009 will use touch screens of some sort, which is twice as much compared to last year. The use of touch screens rose plenty in 2009 mainly because of lower prices and a higher demand also in budget and mid-range products.

At the same time LG and Samsung are pointed out as the two with the biggest interest in touch screen technology. Together with High Tech Computer (HTC) they make up 80% of Young Fast Optoelectronics production.

Even if the PC market is also becoming a bigger market for touch screen manufacturers, when Microsoft launches Windows 7 it will offer a much improved support for touch screen navigation than previous versions of Windows. Something that is needed for the touch technology to become a commodity there.

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