GeForce GTS 450 looks like NVIDIA’s next Fermi-based graphics card and when the mid-range card appears by the end of August it will bring another GPU to the market, code-named GF106. The card is rumored to sport 128-bit memory bus and 1 GB GDDR5 memory.

The information was posted at Donanimhaber, which points out that the card will not use a specific reference design, but partners will have greater freedom to develop their own models. This should result in a broader and more varied assortment of cards directly at launch.

The difference between GF106 and the currently available GF100 and GF104, but most likely NVIDIA has shed another couple of CUDA cores to lower manufacturing costs. The end price should be around $150.

The launch date matches previous stories, but since we’re still far away from launch any information on NVIDIA’s coming circuit should be handled carefully.


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