GTX 460MGeForce GTX 460 is closing in on the launch date, but it looks like the GF104 GPU is heading for the mobile segment this summer already. According to new information the mobile version of GeForce GTX 460 will appear before the school start.

With the GF104 GPU NVIDIA has a lot more efficient foundation to build on for a mobile graphics circuit. GeForce GTX 480M consumes 100 watt (!), which is anything but optimal for a notebook.

GF104 will cut the TDP by 20-30% and now Fudzilla reports that GeForce GTX 460M, the probably name, will be available in notebooks by the end of the summer. No specific dates or manufacturers were mentioned in the report.

The information is unconfirmed, but NVIDIA needs a new mobile graphics circuit that doesn’t consume more power than most notebooks does.

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