NVIDIA continues as expected with its first Kepler based graphics card sporting dual GPUs. The name is epxected to be GeForce GTX 690 and new rumors suggests will go up against the coming Radeon HD 7990 with among others two 8-pin power connectors.

The information on Nvidia’s new flagship is pretty scarce, but according to Expreview the first bits on the coming GeForce GTX 690 has appeared. As expected Nvidia will use two of the recently launched 28nm GK104 GPUs for a total of 1536 CUDA cores and 256-bit memory interface each.

The graphics circuits will operate with GPU Boost just like GeForce GTX 680 to keep the frequencies – and thus performance – at optimal rates automatically depending on the load. Unfortunately it doesn’t say how high the clock frequencies will be, but with two 8-pin power connectors the card can devour up to 450 watt, but we wouldn not say that is very likely. Nvidia will require a power supply rated 650 watt for the system, which is a step up from the 550W it recommends for the single-GPU card GeForce GTX 680. This points to a TDP around 290-300 watt.


GeForce GTX 690 will also sport three DVI ports and a mini-DisplayPort. We still question if the card sports full-size DVI ports, but it would be a way for Nvidia to simplify the connectivity for its Surround technology.

As usual this is unconfirmed and should be considered with salt on the side, but GeForce GTX 690 is rumored to appear in May already, most likely shortly after AMD releases its first dual-GPU graphics card with 28nm circuits; Radeon HD 7990.

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