Gigabyte says it has broken a new memory record with the new server motherboard GA-7TESM. The board supports two Intel Xeon processors and comes with 18 DDR3 slots that are occupied by 16GB modules from NETLIST for a total capacity of record-high 288GB.

Gigabyte points out that the extremely high memory capacity makes it extra well suited for datacenters, virtualization and demanding cloud services where both performance and memory capacity are vital.


Gigabyte GA-7TESM will be the only motherboard on the market that supports 288GB RAM operating at 1333 MHz and pairing this with four Gigabit Ethernet controllers, 8 SAS 6.0 Gbps ports for harddrives and an integrated GPU from Matrox you have a solid package.

Those who need more can use the PCI Express 2.0 x16 slot and other connections found on the board.

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