Gigabyte has listed the models of the FX series that is said to appear at launch. There will be six models, four octo-core models, one hexa-core and one quad-core. All seem to point that availability will be pending since it hasn’t been able to ship Bulldozer in large volumes.

The longed-fore and delayed processor architecture from AMD has now been listed by Gigabyte, and at first sight it looks like the information we have had for months is dead on. No less than six models will be released, and it is still B2 stepping, and not B3 rumors have spoken off.

AMD_FXAMD FX-8150 will be the top model and comes with 16 MB cache and 125W TDP. FX-8120 will be available in two versions at 125W and 95W TDP, while FX-8100 gets 95W TDP. The clock frequencies of the table is only the base frequency, and the Turbo mode frequency is not listed. FX-6100 will be the only hexa-core model with 14 MB cache, while FX-4100 will be quad-core with 12 MB cache. Both sport 95W TDP and most likely they are based on the same die as the octo-core modes, except one and two modules have been deactivated.

The launch of Bulldozer is expected by the end of September and the dates 19th and 26th of September are being discussed. Even if the launch happens then, availability will be poor and it may take until October before AMD will be able to supply big volumes, XbitLabs reports.

Source: Gigabyte

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