Small preview imageIntel seems to be aware of the bad publicity that comes when you support the copryright protection DRM (Digital Rights Management) and it surely doesn’t want to be affiliated with it if it’s avoidable. Last week some rumours was circulation that Intel had in secret integrated support for DRM in its latest chipset i945. Now Intel has has made an official statement denying any integrated support for DRM in the i945-chipset. It admits that several technologies for protecting copyrighted material has been implemented but none of these are embedded DRM.

“Computerworld Today Australia story incorrectly reported that the Intel Pentium D processor and Intel 945 Express Chipset includes unannounced embedded DRM technology.

The Intel Pentium D Processor and the Intel 945 Express Chipset family do not have unannounced embedded DRM technologies.”

Its hard to say exactly what that has been integrated considering it’s prett easy to manipulate press releases to indicate pretty much anything you want them to. But you have to consider this as good news considering the circumstances and that Intel indicates that its support for DRM is still being tested is of course nice to hear. And we don’t mind if they keep testing for the next 15-20 years or so.

Source: The Inquirer

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