Intel held a long and interesting press conference focusing on Ultrabooks and mobility. It also decided to show what its coming Ivy Bridge processor can do in terms of graphics. But the DirectX 11 demo it showed was nothing more than a pre-recorded video.

Intel’s coming processor Ivy Bridge will be the world’s first processor built at 22nm, while the rest of the world is just getting to 28nm and 32nm. But what has to be considered clumsy and embarrasing for Intel was that the DirectX 11 demonstration at CES was nothing but a big fake. Intel’s Mooly Eden was the main speaker at Intel’s conference, and got behind the wheel of a system and started playing Codemasters F1 2011. Just as he got up you could see a small VLC control panel at bottom of the screen.

While  Mooly controlled the heel he talked to the audience between the laps and when it was time to enter the stage again, he left the system, where everything continued as usual. Perhaps not that odd since it was a video playing.

Intel is rumored to have major problems with the drivers for its latest Atom processor, maybe the same goes for Ivy Bridge? Or is Ivy Bridge too slow to run F1 2011? Or even worse Ivy Bridge has run into serious problems with only 3 months to go? Either way, Intel should know better than to fake a live demonstration at CES. You can check out a video of the presentation below:

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