Intel Core i3-2120K looks to become the third unlocked Sandy Bridge processor on the market and the first K model of Intel’s Core i3 family. According to leaked information the new budget processor will cost around 140€ and this be prepared for some serious overclocking of its two cores, with unlocked multipliers.

Intel has with the launch of Z68 improved the support for overclocking on the chipset side and therefore it feels natural that Intel will improve thelineup with some more overclocking processor. Intel Core i3-2120K is a dual-core CPU with HyperThreading and 3,3 GHz clock frequency. The processor does not have Turbo, but through unlocked multipliers, enthusiasts and overclockers get a lot more room for more performance.

The power consumption is said to be set 65 watt, which matches the locked sibling Core i3-2120. The graphics processor is Intel HD Graphics 2000 that mos tlikely uses the same 850 MHz clock frequency as the sibling. The price tag will be around 140€, but the exact launch date is still unknown.


Together with a cheaper Intel Z68 motherboard this could be a very interesting combination for overclers on a budget and a complement for the more powerful, but more expensive Intel Core i5-2500K and Core i7-2600K.

Source: Xfastest

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