It wa fairly obvious to many that the DirectX 11 demo on Ivy Bridge by Intel was not done according to the rules. Intel got some really bad press and decided to invite the person that first discovered the error, and allow him to test what Mooly was supposed to do.

A lot can be said about intel, but it managed to start CES tith lots of headlines, after faking a live demonstration of Ivy Bridge, since Mooly Eden was pretending to play F1 2011 with DirectX 11 but instead was playing a video through VLC Media Player. Intel has made an official statement and explains it decided to do this due to lack of time, since it had a lot to show.

After such an event we may feel that a simple press release is not enough, and may agree. Intel therefore invited  bsn* that first recorded the incident, and posted a video of the event. They got to play F1 2011 hands-on like Intel claimed it had done. The graphics settings were set to Medium, and the game ran in DirectX 11 mode. Alas, Intel did not allow them to see any FPS values toward the end, but the game had a nice flow.

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