Leadtek has teamed up with Bigfoot Network and launched a version of the renowned Killer network card. Leadtek WinFast Killer Xeno Pro use the PCI-Epxress x1 interface and as most of you know this is a Gigabit Ethernet network card with plenty of goodies you won’t find in any integrated solutions. The 400MHz network processor (NPU) paired with 128MB DDR2 memory will relieve the CPU of any networking duties and keep performance at its best.

So far the card is only available in Asia and costs and costs around $80, and is sold with pretty much the same advertising as Bigfoot Network used in the West.

Its dedicated Network Processing Unit (NPU) and innovative architecture offload network traffic, bypassing the Microsoft Windows networking stack and prioritizing competing bandwidth demands from applications such as Web browsing, music streaming, software downloads and voice chat. Its Game Detect™ technology identifies, prioritizes and accelerates game traffic, giving players a competitive edge in the latest online games, from shooters to MMOs.

Bigfoot Network has been fairly quiet lately and the reason is probably that even though it has a powerful product at hand, its uses and the premium price makes it inaccessible to many. Perhaps Leadtek can turn things around.


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