Display manufacturer LG Electronics has plans to set a new world record during CES in Las Vegas next week. The company is planning to show the world’s largest LED-backlit LCD-TV with stereoscopic 3D support. LG LZ9700 has a diagonal of 72″ and sports lots of neat features.

LG LZ9700 uses a Full HD panel with 1920×1080 pixel resolution, which hardy results in any impressive pixel density, but will offer a more complete cinematic experience than most TVs through its size and 3D support.

Fitted with LG’s innovative FULL LED technology, the LZ9700 is illuminated by a full panel of LEDs directly behind the screen, producing pictures as colorful as paintings in an art gallery. The extra spacious FULL LED screen size also makes the picture more expansive than ever, enabling viewers to experience superb picture quality with detailed images as big as, or larger than, real life.

Besides 3D, LG has fitted it with its 400 MHz TruMotion technology for eliminating stutters and uneven panoramas. Other interesting functions include DLNA, Media Link, Smart TV, USB ports, TV-apps and motion sensitive remote called Magic Motion Remote Control. The price tag will probably be as magic as the LZ9700 remote, but we do look forward to the armada of TVs set to arrive next year.


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