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As confirmed by NVIDIA the other day, graphics is moving toward parallel workloads and that not only covers the graphics processors, but also a wider use for multiple graphics processors. AMD CrossFire and NVIDIA SLI are both technologies for connecting two or more graphics in one and the same system. Analysts at Jon Peddie Research claims that in 2012 we will see multi-GPU solution in nearly 50% of all sold desktop PCs.

Exactly how what defines “multi-GPU” is a bit unclear but we presume they mean systems multiple graphics cards or graphics cards with multiple graphics processors, such as GeForce GTX 295 or Radeon HD 4870X2.

The increased interest and support for GPGPU technology are the major reasons graphics systems will become all the more important with the computers of tomorrow and we can expect an annual growth potential of 83% for multi-GPU PC systems.

AMD Radeon CrossFireX configuration

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