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Memory maker Mushkin recently announced its intentions to revive its lineup of graphics cards, starting with a family of NVIDIA GeForce GTX cards. It has taken the next step by preparing two AMD/ATI graphics card, both using the popular Radeon HD 4850 circuit. Mushkin ultimateFX Radeon HD 4850 will be the first factory overclocked card where the clock frequencies has been pushed to 700MHz GPU and 2020MHz memory.

The reference models comes with 625MHz GPU clock frequency and GDDR3 memory operating at 1986MHz. Both cards will also use a special PCB and a new GPU cooler that should make cooling more efficient, but also need two expansion slots.

Neither prices nor amount of memory of the cards were revealed but since they will start shipping any day now you should find out soon, both coming in Mushkin’s characteristic wooden boxes.

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