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Mushkin har nu meddelat att man lanserat två nya minneskit för Core i7-plattformen. Det betyder i korthet att minnena säljs i kit om tre moduler och är baserade på DDR3 minnestekniken. Mushkin har redan tidigare lanserat minneskit för Intels nya plattform, men deras nya kit höjer ribban ytterligare med en specificerad klockfrekvens på 1866MHz. Denna hastighet ska uppnås med säkra 1.65V och minneslatenser på 8-9-8-24. Mushkin XP3-15000 CL8 ska finnas att köpa i kit om 3GB eller 6GB.

Klicka vidare för Muskhins pressmeddelande;

Mushkin Announces XP3-15000 CL8 eXtreme Performance DDR3 Triple
Packs Superlative performance for X58 motherboards.

ENGLEWOOD, CO –  January 28, 2008 – mushkin, Inc. (, a global leader in high-performance computer products, announced today the release of its XP3-15000 DDR3 modules.  Rated for 933MHz (1866MT/s data rate) and 8-9-8-24 latencies, the XP3-15000 modules provide astonishing performance on Intel® X58 platforms while using a safe 1.65V supply voltage.

“Following our tradition of innovation in the high performance memory market, the new XP3-15000 brings Core i7 triple-channel kits to an elevated standard”, said Brian Flood, mushkin’s director of product development.  “Enthusiasts and gamers alike will enjoy the flexibility and stability of this new product while overclocking their machines.”


Part Numbers:

998686 – 3GB (3x1GB) XP3-15000 8-9-8-24 1.65V
998687 – 6GB (3x2GB) XP3-15000 8-9-8-24 1.65V

The XP3-15000 modules are immediately available on the website in 3GB and 6GB triple-channel kits.  Every module is hand-tested beyond its rated specification and features mushkin’s proprietary heatspreader which keeps the modules within safe operating temperatures.  Like all mushkin products, the XP3-15000 modules are backed by a lifetime warranty and an industry-leading technical support staff.

About Mushkin

Located at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Denver, Colorado, mushkin provides performance-enhanced computer products to users worldwide. mushkin products include an enhanced power supply line and a complete selection of memory upgrades for desktops, servers and notebooks. mushkin caters to the overclocking community and value segment with its Redline and PerfectMatch products.  Since its founding in 1994, mushkin has received numerous awards and recognitions for quality, reliability, and technical excellence. The 14-year old company is dedicated to helping overclockers, gamers, IT managers, digital artists, and mobile professionals enhance their computing experience by providing reliable, high performance components.

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