Well we’re back. We have a new design with some new and quite interesting features (some left to implement though):

Polls, a more advanced article structure, with a built-in dictionary, a huge links archive, which you can add your own links to, and RSS-feeds that make it possible for you to follow our every move.

Some of the features that are to come are a gallery, where you can upload images of your project or computer, and something that we call “Performance Center”. In “Performance Center” you can upload your benchmarking results from some of the most popular software, including 3DMark and superpi, and compare them to people from all around the world, or just just your own country.

We continue our work to get closer to with sistersite www.NordicHardware.se, thus the new forum structure will surely remind you of the one you can find over there, and fit the new design even better.

We’re also accepting applications regarding news writers, moderators and translators for a short time period. You can reach me here, please include a short introduction of yourself and of course the job you’re applying for.

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