Memory sticks with 4GB density is starting to become the standard and kits of 8GB can now be found for as little as 60 USD. This hasn’t stopped A-Data from releasing a new memory kit of the XPG Gaming Series. The new memories has specifications that adheres to JEDEC standards with extra low voltages, but has 8 GB per module.

The new A-DATA XPG Gaming Series memories comes with shy specifications of 1333 MHz 9-9-9-24 and 1.35V, which makes them extra green. With a density of 8 GB per module they work extra well for gamers, where the bigger number is always wanted.


Memories at 4 GB is just becoming the standard and a 2 x 4 GB kit is priced almost at the same level as 2 x 2 GB, per gigabyte. The question is if the market, especially the gaming market, really need a kit of 16 GB, but it all comes down to the price really, and they will be sold no matter if there is a need or not.


Source: TCMagazine


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