aopenmp57sAOpen is introducing a new generation miniPC MP57 that offers truly high-definition on small form factor platform. AOpen miniPC is based on Intel Mobile Express Series 5 chipset and supports Intel® Core™ Processors with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD.

AOpen miniPC MP57 was created for highly efficient office applications with excellent power and space saving benefits.

The features of AOpen miniPC MP57 include:

  • Extra-slim form factor
  • AOpen Silentek 5.0 technology
  • Energy efficient (AOpen Green Product range)
  • Support for high-speed dual channel DDRIII memory up to 1066MHz and maximum of 4Gb
  • Support for dual screen mode
  • Intel® vPro™ technology
  • Excellent performance with full 1080P high-definition video playback
  • High transmission speed e-SATA port for external storage

Extra-Slim Form Factor

At only 1.4 liters, this miniPC can be used everywhere to ensure the consumers are optimizing their space. The dimensions of this machine are 165 mm x 165 mm x 50 mm. Weight of the miniPC MP57 bare system is 1.7kg and it is equipped with 90W, 20VDC/4.5A adapter.


AOpen Silentek 5.0 Technology

AOpen Silentek 5.0 Technology allows to keep the fully operating machine under 34db noise level and in idle mode under 22db only. As a result, AOpen miniPC MP57 consumes the least power, while sustaining the maximum computing efficiency.

Series of laboratory tests were conducted in the environment similar to real-world to determine optimal CPU fan speed under specific CPU/system temperature to control the overall system noise level.

AOpen Green Product

AOpen miniPC MP57 belongs to the AOpen Green Product range, complying with Energy Star Ver. 5.0, RoHS, WEEE, EuP, officially recognized ways to save money through energy efficiency and help the environment without sacrificing the performance. The above-mentioned standards have been developed to save energy at home and office. Through an energy-efficient design of hardware and system components, it is guaranteed the system will use less energy to perform tasks, and will enter low-power modes, when not in use. By using product from AOpen Green Product Range, the consumers contribute to environmental protection.

Latest Technology

AOpen miniPC MP57 adapts Intel Core i7 and i5 CPU and dual channel DDRIII memory. To provide best viewing quality, MP57 can output high definition 1080P videos via HDMI (with HDCP) and support dual display setting (DVI+HDMI). The 5.1 audio output will give the user the most immersive hearing sensation.

It also supports Intel® vPro™ technology that enables various features for corporate information management, including KVM Remote Control, AES-NI (enables new processor instructions to accelerate and protect encryption operations), Remote Encryption Management, Intel® Anti-Theft Technology, Intel® Active Management Technology, and Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT). These rich functions allow IT to remotely manage systems and providing highly secure, centralized, and virtualized IT services in a company.

Every single feature can make MP57 the best selection for digital office today.

About AOpen

In addition to providing uSFF Digital Engines, AOpen has cultivated a sophisticated ecosystem of premium solution providers along the distribution channels. To provide Digital Engines solutions, AOpen helps their alliances with displays, server/signage software, mounting equipment, and various accessories for digital signage. AOpen’s reputation as a digital signage specialist has been built upon its alliances, AOpen’s innovation and thinking two steps ahead, e.g. MoDT Technology emerging out of AOpen’s Green Tech Labs. As a result of its mounting number of success stories from the global digital signage market, AOpen extends its gratitude to its strategic alliances.

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