Acers Ultrabook, S3 that was revealed by an Italian etailer the other day has now been officially unveiled as Aspire S3, which does sound a lot better than Acer Aspire 3951. Acer intends to ship and launch the compute rin USA and Europe later in September, and will be the thinnest on the market by the looks of it.

Aspire S3 will sport a 13.3″ screen with 1366 x 768 pixel resolution that is powered by the integrated GPU HD 3000 from Intel. The processor model depends on the price range, but the early listing at €786 was the cheapest version with an Intel Core i5-2467 processor with dual cores at 1.6 GHz and 2.3 GHz Turbo mode and Hyper-Threading.


The computer ships with 4 GB memory and for storage there is a SSD, but when we saw it listed it had 20 GB SSD and 320 GB harddrive, which points to that it can be configred with SSD as cache for the most frequently accessed files on the computer.



Aspire S3 will get a recommended price at €799 to €1,199.

Source: TCMagazine

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