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Acrosser is a manufacturer that has appeared in the news at a few occasions and that is mainly because of its innovative and unique solutions. Its latest board is a so called SBC (Single Board Computer) with support for Intel’s Pentium M processors. The board also complies to the hole standard of the miniITX formfactor, which makes it a really attractive board for those who want performance in a small package. The board is built around Intel’s 915GM chipset, which means that there is an integrated graphics circuit. The board sports two DIMM ports with support for up to 2GB RAM, one PATA port, 2 SATA ports and one CompactFlash II connector for permanent storage.

Those who can have the possibility of using the board’s 72-pin golden finger or 56-pin JAMMA interface, but we assume that it is the minimal format that appeals.


IntelR PentiumR M/CeleronR M processors 533/400 FSB
IntelR 915GM + ICH6M
System Memory
Two DIMM sockets support DDRII 533/400MHz SDRAM
Integrated IntelR GMA900 graphic controller VGA x 1 (DB-15 connector) Dual 18 bit LVDS
Embedded Serial ATA and IDE controller in ICH6M Ultra DMA100 x 1 (40-pin) SATA x 2 (Option)Type II CF socket x 1
Stereo audio output
6 Watts amplifier for each channel
USB & Serial Ports
Serial Port x 4 :
COM1 RS232 (DB-9 connector)
COM2 Connect to intrusion logger
COM3 & 4 ccTalk / RS 232 (Option)
USB ports x 6
2 x external USB + 4 x internal USB (pin header)
Power Input
Power Input DC input from golden finger or 4-pin connector
IntelR 10/100 LAN

[Gaming Function]
External I/O golden finger
JAMMA interface & 72-pin golden finger interface
16-bit timers with timeout interrupt x 4
Digital I/O
Control Bus: PCI
24 bits 5000Vrms isolated digital input
5 bits TTL level interruptible input
43 bits 500mA Darlington transistor outputs
Two 90 degrees 8-bit readable DIP switches
16 bits user definable GPIO on DB-25 female connector (Option)
PCI bus@
Battery back up with battery low monitor
Dual 128KB low power SRAM chips
ProtectU via COM2
Infineon TPM 1.2 (Option)
iButton socket x 1
True random number generator


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