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Adtron has now presented two new SSDs (Solid State Disk) and it has niched the new harddrives for people that want both speed and storage capacity as these come with a whopping 160GB of storage. Through its ArrayPro technology it has also managed to boost performance to close to 70MB/s (55MB/s write & 65MB/s read). At the same time it has used its background in the industrial sector to offer Erasure Data Security for a safe handling and erasing of the data stored on the disk. The new drives are available with both the SATA and the PATA interface and is of a 2.5″ format. There is no price available at this time but you can count on the price being somewhere around five figures.

”New geometries and chip densities in SLC NAND enable Adtron to significantly expand the capacities of its industry leading high performance products,” -Alan Fitzgerald, Adtron Chief Technology Officer. ”In addition, the economics of these new flash drives combined with the increased capacities in standard form factors, greatly expand the applications among our historic flash disk customers in the industrial and defense markets, as well as addressing bandwidth intensive server and storage acceleration applications in a much broader emerging market previously the domain of HDD products”.


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