AMD will launch the first APU circuits with integrated graphics processors by the end of the year. Ontario and Zacate will be made with familiar 40nm technology from TSMC and AMD has revealed its roadmap of its APU and its node upgrades. This roadmap reveals AMD moving into 14nm space in late 2015.

AMD has a close cooperation with TSMC for its first generation APUs, but in the future it will put orders with its former subsidiary GlobalFoundries and by the looks of it AMD will be missing any nodes on the road to 14nm.

During the first half of 2011 we will see the first 32nm APU circuits in the form of Llano and one year later the first 28nm models will be in stores. AMD has wandered between half and full nodes, but then moves on to 20nm by the end of 2013 and then wait over two years before reaching 14nm in Q4 2015.


We’re excited to learn about AMD’s aggressive plans for new manufacturing technologies, but as we know these plans often get revised as time moves forward. It remains to be seen what AMD will do with the 22nm and 16nm technologies that will be available at GlobalFoundries. Not the least since Intel is planning to reach 22nm 18 months earlier than AMD takes on 20nm.

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