Bulldozer will become AMD’s next generation microprocessor architecture and hopefully be the key to reducing the performance gap to arch-rival Intel. The new architecture will be one of the subjects at this Fall’s Hot Chips Conference by the end of August.

Bulldozer appeared on AMD roadmaps back in November 2009 and then it talked about a new focus on multithreading performance and a multithreading technology we haven’t seen before. AMD is still set on this and describes the new architecture in the Hot Chips program letter;

AMD ”Bulldozer” Core – a new approach to multithreaded compute performance for maximum efficiency and throughput

What we know so far is that the Bulldozer architecture will build a multithreading technology with extra transistors and schedulers to make the handling of multiple threads more efficient. Floating point calculations is moved to the graphics circuit to a large extent, and the processor will of course be made with 32 nanometer technology.


AMD will also discuss the mobile equivalent, Bobcat, that is predicted to become more energy efficient with a model consuming less than 1 watt, making a direct competitor to Intel Atom.

On August 24th we hope to learn more about the architecture that is slated to replace ”Phenom II”.



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