The launch of AMD’s coming processor architecture Bulldozer, code name Zambezi for retail, was delayed until August due to problems according to multiple sources, but AMD PR has now denied any such thing and says the move was strictly strategic?

We reported earlier that Bulldozer was delayed because of lacking performance, that it simply hadn’t reached its goals with frequencies and power consumption with circuits, but AMD’s AMD PR Manager Northern Europe says the move was completely strategic.

”Der Reihenfolge, in der wir die Produkte auf den Markt bringen, ist rein strategischer Natur. Der sehr erfreuliche Erfolg der C- und E-Serie-APUs hat zu der Entscheidung geführt, zunächst auch im Desktop-Bereich mit APUs weiterzumachen und erst danach den Bulldozer folgen zu lassen.

Probleme mit dem Bulldozer gibt es allen Gerüchten zum Trotz nicht.”

Also John Fruehe, product mamanger for servers say the same thing as Lohmann that i decided to refurnish its roadmap to fit the market, AMD and partners better. AMD still has a high demand for the Brazos platform, higher than supply, which is pure sign of the success of the Fusion concept, which makes the delay of Bulldozer rather logical for AMD.


From Computex June 1st

Releasing two whole new platforms at the same time as it was first planned is very hard to do since OEM partners have to put just as much interest in Llano and Bulldozer when developing new products for both notebooks and desktops, and marketing is a nightmare so the decision to launch of the two later on makes quite a lot of sense and gives AMD partners more space.

The launch of Bulldozer is slated for August and unlike what we have told there seem to be no problems with the new architecture? AMD is of course biased here so it’s hard to say if there are problems or not, but for the stock holders a strategic delay sounds better than architectural problems.

Source: Guido Lohmann, AMD PR Manager Northern Europe, via Planet3DNow!

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