AMD is demonstrating its latest processor architecture at E3, and it will be released by the end of Summer. AMD has now confirmed the prices of its FX processors, and showed a Holodeck at 180 degrees, with passive 3D and settings put up high in Dirt 3.

AMD’s Holodeck that was shown at E3 was powered by three projectors and AMD Radeon HD 6990 4 GB. The solution has a resolution of 5760 x 1080 with all settings turned to max in Dirt 3, and that viewers and testers could enjoy the best of passive 3D, without glasses.

The result is pretty impressive and Matt Davis and Simon Solotko from AMD informed that this is just the start since it hopes to show it in ”720 degrees” in the future, with one picture from left to right, from head to toe. Holodeck comes from the old science fiction franchise Star Trek and is not the name AMD will be using in the future since it doesn’t own the term.


The next piece of news that probably appeal to more users here at NordicHardware is that AMD PR at E3 confirmed the price of FX-8130P, sporting 8 cores, will cost 320 dollar. This is rumored to be the top model, and will according to rumors be clocked at 3.8 GHz, 4.2 GHz with Turbo Core 2.0 and 125W TDP, but AMD did not comment on that.

Source: Bright Side of News, Bright Side of News


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