AMD is currently part of the E3 gaming event where it has presented the new processor architecture Bulldozer that sports 8 cores and support for DDR3 1866 MHz in two channels. It has revealed that the 8-core version of Bulldozer will ship in a big steel can and that it also has a new version of AMD OverDrive prepared.

It is the first time AMD exhibits the new processor to the public and while it was closely guarded by AMD from anyone wanting to get too close, there are some pictured of the new AMD OverDrive with 8-core support.


The new we see here, if AMD OverDrive reads the processor correctly, is that the processor modules with two cores each, are more advanced with their power saving mode than previously believed . Instead of each module having an individual clock frequency it is each core that has an individual frequency.

AMD Bulldozer is code-named Zambezi and is part of AMD’s Scorpius platform for retail and the 8-core version will ship in a steel can, while the 6- and 4-core has to settle for regular packaging, same as all other processors from AMD and Intel. The complete Scorpius platform includes a motherboard with the 9 series chipset, an FX processor and a graphics card from the AMD Radeon HD 6000 family.


AMD_E3_Bulldozer9 AMD_E3_Bulldozer10







Source: 4Gamer, ASCII

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