During the weekend NVIDIA will be celebrating the launch of its new graphics card architecture GeForce Fermi. AMD has been waiting for this day ever since it presented the Evergreen family back in September. Even though AMD’s Cypress GPU is almost getting old the company is far from worried. We have already revealed that it will reply to GeForce GTX 480 with a barely overclocked Radeon HD 5870 and now it seems it may not even lower prices to compete.

AMD believes its prices are already balanced and that is despite the fact they have rather gone up than down over the last few months.

We can’t say we’re shocked to learn this since GeForce GTX 480 will retail around $500, which makes Radeon HD 5870 look like a real catch at $350.


The retail price of $500 has a soothing effect on AMD

The performance is still what really matters, something we will answer in a few days.


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