AMD 990FX will be one of the popular chipset at Computex 2011 and for the motherboard partners to be able to show their latest creations AMD has officially rolled out the new chipset and Socket AM3+ platform. The good news is that AMD now supports SLI, the bad is that the AMD FX processors are nowhere to be found.

AMD 990FX is a chipset combination where the northbridge is paired with AMD’s all new southbridge SB950. We have concluded earlier that the differences between the current 890FX chipset and the new 990FX are minimal. We now know that the differences aren’t just minimal, they are in fact made on the same silicon. The base functionality should therefore be pretty much thr same and the voltage and power saving features we’ve been discussing in the past can mainly only be contributed to Socket AM3+ and possible software (BIOS).


AMD doesn’t want to admit that also AMD 890FX motherboards supports the new Bulldozer architecture and AMD FX processors, but we have for long concluded that several companies have older and newer AMD 890FX motherboards that support Socket AM3+ processors.

Ironically AMD has a trump, at least so far, with the new 990FX chipset, thanks to NVIDIA. Socket AM3+ brings official support for SLI, which most likely all companies will make sure to use, which is a history first.

A number of reviews have been posted focusing on the motherboards available in stores, and the new SLI support.

Reviews of AMD 990FX:

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