AMD has launched the latest A series APUs and we currently have A8-3850 and A6-3650 in stores with matching motherboards. We expect the first two dual-cores and quad-cores with 65W TDP soon, but it seems they will get company from a tri-core model too.

AMD released tri-cores in the Phenom series to fill in the price gap between the dual and quad-core models. fylla prisgapet mellan de två- och fyrkärniga modellerna. This then continued with Athlon II and Phenom II. We at NordicHardware asked AMD before the launch of the A series APUs ”Llano” if there was a tri-core coming, but it denied this.

Model A8-3850 A8-3800 A6-3650 A6-3600 A6-3500
Cores 4 4 4 4 3
Frequency 2.9 GHz 2.4 GHz 2.6 GHz 2.1 GHz 2.1 GHz
Turbo 2,7 GHz 2,4 GHz 2,4 GHz
L2 cache 4 x 1 MB 4 x 1 MB 4 x 1 MB 4 x 1 MB 3 x 1 MB
Graphics HD 6550D HD 6550D HD 6530D HD 6530D HD 6530D
Radeon cores 400 400 320 320 320
Frequency (GPU) 600 MHz 600 MHz 443 MHz 443 MHz 443 MHz
Memory* 1866 MHz 1866 MHz 1866 MHz 1866 MHz 1866 MHz
TDP 100W 65W 100W 65W 65W
Launch datum Out now ”Q3” Out now ”Q3” ”Q3”

Fudzilla has found information that AMD does have a model coming and it is just like A6-3600 except it has three cores instead of four. A6-3500 comes with three cores clocked at 2.1 GHz / 2,4 GHz in Turbo, 3 MB L2 cache, 1866 MHz DDR3 support and 65W TDP.

The new series will be called A6-35×0 while the dual-core models for the desktop market will be called A4-34×0 and E2-33×0, but overall specifications remain vague.

Top model A8-3850

It is still uncertain when the 65W models will appear, but sometime in Q3. We don’t know the pricing yet, but condiering earlier merits from AMD the more energy efficient models should be more expensive than the 100W models.

We have A6-3650 in the lab and hopes to give you some benchmarks for a sub-100€ in the near future.

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