AMD is not holding back when putting the final thouches to ies first graphics card with dual 28nm cirucits. Radeon HD 7990 will according to new rumors get two fully equipped Tahiti XT circuits with 2048 Radeon cores each, clocked at 850 MHz and 6GB GDDR5 memory to go with that.

AMD offers several 28 nanometer GPUs today, but the most powerful – Tahiti XT – is also intended to appear in the coming dual-circuit Radeon HD 7990. Code-named New Zealand the new flagship will launch in April and according to Chinese INPAI the card will operate at relatively high frequencies.

The unconfirmed information says that the two Tahiti XT circuits will be operating at 850 MHz, which can be compared to Radeon HD 7970 where a single Tahiti XT GPU operates at 925 MHz. AMD has decided to stick with the same memory buffer per GPU, 3GBm and the GDDR5 chips are said to run at 5000 MHz, with double dubbla 384-bit memory buses it will result in an impressive 480 GB/s and a total memory buffer at 6GB.

xfx.7970kylare09Dual Tahiti XT circuits at 850 MHz will be the heart of the coming Radeon HD 7990.

The two major remaining questions, if all of this is true, is what kind of power consumption we are looking at and how much Radeon HD 7990 will cost. The only thing we know for certain is that both will be high, higher than most are comfortable with. Radeon HD 6990 broke the power record last year and we can only hope that AMD will not be trumping this with Radeon HD 7990.

Source: INPAI

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