AMD will be revealed details on the two new processor architecture Bulldozer and Bobcat during the night. While we wait for the NDA to lift on the more technical details AMD has released some of the information in advance.

With two media embargos within 24 hours we focus on the big presentation of Bulldozer and Bobcat that will lift on the night to Wednesday, August 25, but to calm some of your hunger AMD has released a set of preview slides.


AMD will focus on two separate processor architecture where Bulldozer targets high-end markets, both retail and businesses. While Bobcat, which launches later this year in the form of av Ontario, is all in for the mobile segment.


The processor architecturse are developed specifically for their intended purposes and for the first time in seven years we see not one, but two fresh microarchitectures from AMD.


More information, most interestingly technical such, will be released later tonight.


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