AMD is somewhere between a rock and a hard place with the new microarchitecture Bulldozer that has now been confirmed for launch in Q3, but to build some positive energy around the coming architecture it showed the coming Bulldozer APU for the first time. A circuit with CPU cores from Bulldozer and a new GPU architecture, on the same silicon.

Trinity is the code name and it has appeared on roadmaps in the past, but during Computex AMD decided to show the first physical sample of Trinity to the media and announced that the new APU family is spinning in the lab. AMD Trinity will house 2-4 Bulldozer CPU cores and paired with a DirectX 11 GPU. According to information the graphics is based on a not yet released architecture, which should mean Southern Islands. Exactly how powerful the GPU is the story doesn’t say, but with the same 32nm technology as Llano there isn’t much room for more stream processors. 

Source: VR-Zone

AMD doesn’t say much else other than that Trinity will launch next year, but the chips certainly seems to be alive already.



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